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Hunger isn’t a problem just in developing nations. Millions of Americans and Canadians are struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their children. These are families and individuals in urban cities, rural towns, and suburbs. In fact, one of every five children in the United States lives in a home where consistent meals are hard to come by. The problem in North America isn’t lack of food—it’s lack of money to buy the food that is available, and with high unemployment rates, the problem is growing worse. But compassionate ministry centers (CMCs) across North America are reaching out to meet the needs of the hungry in their own communities. They are sharing the love of Christ by sharing their own resources, and they’re offering dignity, hope, and courage to those who receive.


Compassionate ministry centers in the USA and Canada are reaching out and helping to fight hunger through ministries like these:

• Food Pantries and Grocery Assistance: Food is provided to thousands and thousands of families and individuals so that they can cook nutritious meals at home.

• Hot Meals: For many in need, the hot meal served to them through a compassionate ministry center is the only hot, nutritious food they will eat that day.

• Community Gardens: By helping create gardens, compassionate ministry centers are helping to create food security for today and for the future.

• Weekend and Summer Food Assistance for Children: These times are often the hardest for children who may receive meals at school but not at home.


Your donation can help these organizations operate and expand their ministries to the hungry:

• For $25 you can provide a hot meal for 10 people in need.

• For $50 you can buy seeds and tools for a community garden.

• For $100 you can help to offset the cost of summer food assistance for a child.

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