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Our team at Sacramento Compassionate Center inc. has been laser focused and

strategically planning for the anticipated spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19 since late

February. We conducted a mandatory all staff or “all hands” meeting and conference call

on March 2nd. We were joined by several pantry members and our public relations team as this began the mobilization of our crisis planning and communication process.


We are taking every precaution to maintain strict hygiene protocols and social distancing

during every phase of our operations. We secured a supply of masks, gloves, bulk sanitizer and rented portable hand washing stations to bolster our existing health and safety infrastructure.



Our management team, along with specialists comprised of some 25+ individuals, have

been meeting daily since 3/9 to work our plan and prepare for what is now very real; the

closure of public schools and the economic impact of business closures and social




Our food sourcing team has been navigating a strained supply chain network scrambling

to prepare for the increased need for food assistance in our community. We are tracking

food supply and with our discounted purchasing power can stretch dollars a long way.

Produce costs us an average of 13.5 cents per landed pound, and we are focused on

produce with long shelf life like oranges, apples, onions and potatoes. Grocery items like

peanut butter, soup, rice and beans, canned tuna etc. need to be procured and we are

purchasing truckloads as soon as funding arrives, literally truck by truck. 13 truckloads of shelf-stable foods are desperately needed in the weeks ahead.


To replace this anticipated shortage, we have been actively fundraising to facilitate the procurement of 13 trucks or 1.1 million pounds of shelf-stable foods, our most critical need.


• Each truckload contains approximately 30,000 pounds of food or 25,000 meals at

an average cost of $35,000.







We have been using our parking lot for a daily “Pop-up Drive-through” distribution to be held on Monday – Saturday 9AM – 10AM, closed only on Sunday. We will have the capacity to serve 400-600 families daily and over 42,000 individuals a month in a drive-up format with a one-week supplemental supply of bagged food. We will need to staff this pop-up site with 40 volunteers.





Simply put, we need funding to purchase truckloads of shelf-stable food. Spread the word

among family, friends and co-workers as every dollar counts during this crisis. We are

counting on our community banding together to make sure that all Sacramento County

residents are well nourished and have the best chance of making it through the weeks



Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.

All my best.

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